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debuts in 2011. can a broadcast tv icon such as oprah -- >> let's talk about the interview with katie couric. >> reporter: remain influential on basic cable? >> it's risky that it may not work. she may never be the oprah she is now. >> reporter: with oprah gone, the vast landscape of daytime tv may change. but is there an heir apparent to the queen of talk? >> i think ell degeneres is a great contender to take on what oprah has started. she has a great forum to launch herself into oprah's shoes. >> reporter: but even ellen told her audience this week, there's no replacing an icon. >> she will always be the queen of daytime television. >> reporter: for oprah, the curtain doesn't fall for another 22 months. >> the countdown to the end of "the oprah winfrey show" starts now. >> reporter: a long good-bye for this long-time tv favorite. oprah's ratings have slipped in recent years. but with yesterday's announcement, the next season and a half will draw big audiences. >> eric, thanks, man. from such a background, what a story. regardless of what's next. >>> we'll be right back. coming up on
focuses on another interview with cbs anchor, katie couric, who she calls biased and badgering. >> let's talk about the interview with katie couric. >> must we? >> yeah. >> did you think that was a seminal, defining moment for you? >> i did not. and neither did the campaign. that is why segment two and three and four and maybe five were scheduled. the campaign said, right on. good. you're showing your independence. this is what america needs to see. and it was a good interview. and, of course, i'm thinking, if you thought that was a good interview, i don't know what a bad interview was because i knew it wasn't a good interview. >> reporter: this time, palin is in control. her book tour will crisscross the heartland, avoiding major cities. and hitting lots of battlegrounds. maybe that's a coincidence. or maybe this is a great way to launch a political comeback. remember the "the audacity of hope"? >> let's find out what george has to say about that. >>> and joining us from washington, with "the bottom line," our chief washington correspondent, and host of "this week," george stephanopou
to that question came back to haunt her again, in an interview of katie couric, as did couric's qstion about what she reads. >> what specifically, i'm curious? >> reporter: why didn't you answer? >> i was wearing my annoyance on my sleeve. and i shouldn't have done that. it seemed like she was asking, do you read? how in alaska are you connected tohe world? when i had just done an op-ed in our hometown newspaper for "the new york times." i had just been interviewed by all those national media outlets. that surprised me that she hadn't done that home work. very unprofessional of me, though. my fault, my bad, that i answered the way i answered. and that was with the proverbial roll of the eyes. are you kidding me? >> reporter: but the result of that interview, which palin says was unfairly edited, was that she was unqualified to be vice president. palin says in her book, this was reinforced by deliberate leaks to the press, by some anonymous members of john mccain's staff. towards the end of the campaign, the press reports quoted unnamed mccain aides, calling you a diva. you know this. a whack job.
. katie couric's contract with cbs is up in 2011. dr. oz, in syndication, as well. when you have a figure like this who is so important, beyond just rates. she's got a magazine. she's an industry, as diane noted earlier, i don't think it's just so easy for a talented, glib person to fill that void. this is a blow for syndicated television. >> thank you, howie. so many different ways of looking at it, tina. the business aspect. but there's going to be a void in people's lives. >> it's true. i do know a lot of women who make that date with oprah every day. and it does find of leave a void. interestingly, the only woman i've seen, only kind of figure that could possibly ever fill that void, would be michelle obama. michelle obama has great empathy. great intelligence. a great sense of herself, a kind of dignity. but has a warmth and embracing quality. i wouldn't be surprised if michelle's post-white house career wouldn't include that kind of television role. >> you always make us think, tina. you always make us think. tina brown, thank you so much. howie kurtz, have a good weekend there in d
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. >> it's an extraordinary book as we said. so celebrated and our friend, kati marton. go to to read "enemies of the people: a discovery of discovery and love." emergency performs next. ♪ nothing would be funny honey >>> norah jones has sold many albums since 2002 and now she's trying something new. her latest cd "the fall" comes out tomorrow. we are so happy, so proud to have back with us the one and only norah jones. >> thank you. >> wow. nice to see you all. new look, new sound, the same great voice. you've gone through a lot of changes recently. >> well, you know, i turned 30. >> it happens. >> it happens. >> yeah. >> but it is all about trying new things and doing different things, but the core of you staying the same. >> this album has a lot of different sounds compared to my last one but i think it's good. >> any motivation behind that, the particular reason you did that. >> i think just time and it just was time to try something a little new. >> we're so glad you did not that there was anything wrong with the old stuff. this is a new sound. it's coming out
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)